Stage Two

Part 1 : Calorie Reduction

The second stage is all about reducing your calories and getting active. Go to your dashboard and set your goal to "Fat Loss". We will now reduce your calories by 20%, you can change this if you like, however we do not encourage reducing too much as this will have a negative impact on your fat loss. Carry on logging your foods and monitoring your results in My Reports, remember to keep as close as possible to all your goal figures to ensure maximum results. Weigh yourself every two week or one month and aim for your new calorie goal to keep losing your excess fat.

Part 2 : Exercise

The second part of stage two is all about exercise. To effectively burn our excess fat, our heart needs to be beating between 55 - 65% of its maximum, we have found the best way to keep in this zone is to use an incline treadmill, this monitors your heart rate and automatically adjusts the incline and speed to keep you in the optimum fat burning range. We also recommend the use of resistance training with weights, this will supercharge your fat burning efforts, tone your muscles and strengthen your heart. We are not here to give you any kind of exercise regimes, we are just highlighting what you need to do in order to burn your excess fat stores. We recommend you join a gym who will give you all the guidance regarding routines.