Stage Three

Cheat Day

The final stage in this 3 pronged attack on your accumulated fat is "Cheat Day". This will be music to the ears of overeaters and junk food lovers. Because our brains haven't evolved from our hunter gatherer days, we are very clever at hoarding fat and will do so at every opportunity, to get rid of it we have to constantly trick our brains into believing we're not trying to starve ourselves. We do this by introducing the cheat day, one day, every week where you can eat and drink what you want. This is as complicated as it gets, no need to trawl through 1000's of pages of complicated diets. Follow this plan, experiment with your foods and soon you will have the body you've only ever dreamed of, you will be healthier than ever because you're getting every vitamin and mineral science tells us we need and so much happier because everything in your body is working perfect.