Muscle Growth

You hit the gym, eat good food and rest well. Are you happy your growing at a reasonable rate? Do you know whats happening inside your body? The process of muscle growth is not known for sure, but most theories are based on the idea that lifting breaks down the muscle, and growth results from over-compensating to protect the body from future stress. The human body breaks down and rebuilds all of the muscles every 15 to 30 days. Lifting speeds up the process due to an increased need for fuel. Rebuilding peaks 24 to 36 hours after training and continues at increased rates for as much as 72 hours. It's really a simple case of adaptation, your body will try to adapt to everything you throw at it, but it comes at a small price. In order for all your hard gym work to pay off you must feed it and rest it in order to meet it's demands.

You must always strive to be stronger than you were the last time you hit that bodypart. By being stronger that could be one extra rep or an extra pound on the bar. As long as you are stronger than you were the last time you are moving in the right direction.

Leave your ego in the locker room. Dont be afraid to put on the 1.25kg plate on the bar, if you are progressing, that 1.25kg plate will soon become a 20kg plate. You will be bigger and stronger for it.

Gym Diary

Using our online gym diary is the ideal way to keep track of your progress. We have the most comprehensive list of all exercises for each bodypart. Logging your sets and reps is the best way to ensure you keep on growing.

You can see a chart for each exercise you have ever performed and as long as the bar is rising you will know your in the right place.

If you hit a plataeu then you know your doing something wrong. Either lack of quality nutrition, lack of quality rest or simply not pushing yourself enough are all causes of stagnation.

Food Diary

Log all your foods with our extensive food diary. Logging all your food and drink ensures you are meeting your bodies demands.

We give you the optimal ratios for Protein, Carbs and Fats in order for your body to keep on growing.

Everytime you update your new weight, we update your calorie requirements.

We take out all the guesswork leaving you to concentrate on building that WOW factor physique you always wanted.