Cheat Day

The holy grail of all fat loss diets and the key to breaking all your past failures in the quest for a better you is the Cheat Day. Basically this is one day in the week where you can eat as much as you want and what you want, no holds barred. I can hear you all saying NO NO NO, this doesn't make sense. It makes perfect sense. The human body will adapt to almost everything you try to throw at it. This also goes for dieting, you start by reducing calories, eating healthier and exercising, You start off happy with the results, then all of a sudden BAM The weight stops coming off and no matter how hard you try, nothing works to shed those pounds. Why? Because your body has already learned your patterns and adapted. It is trying it's hardest to hold onto your fat, it's what the body does. This brings us nicely into the Cheat Day, By having this Cheat Day, You are constantly confusing the body it will never be able to adapt, one minute it's living off healthy food, then all of a sudden its loaded with junk. (Ok you don't have to eat ten pizzas in one sitting but you get the gist.) This constant change stops the body ever adapting to reduced calories. Even god rested on the seventh day, and so should your diet.

The cheat day also serves a secondary purpose, to stop you giving up, dieting is hard enough but when the progress stops so does your will to keep it up.